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My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

As a follow-up from my previous post My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items (0-3 months), I also want to share my favorites from 3-6 months with Coyer. *Side Note* It seriously took me almost 3 weeks to put this together!  5 free minutes here, another 3 minutes there, etc., etc., and finally my masterpiece is complete!  […]

Coyer’s First Christmas

The kid absolutely LOVED Christmas!  I never even imagined that his reaction to opening presents would be so awesome.  The wrapping was definitely his favorite – the bright shiny colors, the crinkle sound it made, and the way it felt in his mouth! 🙂 Coyer was also very curious about each one of his gifts. […]

Kearney Family Update

There are many times when I feel like no one reads this blog of mine.  But then, I go a few weeks without posting and the whole world’s like “hey Becky, why don’t you ever write on your blog anymore?”  So, I thought I would take a few minutes this morning to write a quick update […]

Weekend Projects

Justyn and I both finished a couple of little projects over the weekend.  His project might be a little more impressive than mine… but whatever the case, we were able to keep ourselves busy! Project #1 – Sun Shades for the Back Patio With football season and the nicer weather that’s just around the corner, […]

Bumpdate ~ 31 weeks

31 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Pineapple Gender:  Boy Food Cravings:  Of course, all of my cravings are for things I can’t have with my new diet for gestational diabetes.  With one exception…  MILK!  Now, I’m not supposed to have milk with cereal anymore (too many carbs at once) but I have been […]

A Baby Shower at Work!

I’m so happy with my new job.  I love working for the State of Arizona and the people that I work with are just incredible!  They are the friendliest bunch I’ve ever met… and there’s never been a day at work where I didn’t feel like I was part of the “family” that they’ve created […]

Baby Shower Pictures!

Eventually, I will get around to posting more pictures to include all of the gifts we received on the Gifts for Baby Kearney blog page.  But until then, I thought I could at least share these pictures that my mom took while we were opening gifts last weekend.  We actually had a great time at our […]

Our Baby has a Crib!

A big thanks to my husband’s parents for giving our family this very special baby gift!  We were so excited about getting this crib set up for our little boy and could hardly wait until all the work was finished 🙂 All the pieces out of the box and ready to start… Always nice to […]

The Big Reveal: New Blog & Baby Shower

Over the last two weeks, I really got down to work and created a whole new blog!  The only purpose of this new blog is to share pictures and comments about Baby Kearney’s shower gifts with all of our family and friends. More “About” the New Blog: This new blog website of ours has been created […]

Baby’s 1st Shower Gift!

We got a big package delivered to our house last week!  I was so confused because I hadn’t ordered anything that big and there was no return address on the outside of the box.  It had my name on it and my curiosity was going to drive me nuts, so I opened it right away! […]