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Tuesday’s Christmas Ornament #2

This week’s ornament is much simpler than last week’s.  Honestly, I think it took me 30 minutes to make 5 of these!  Here are the pictures for my “Cinnamon Stick Star Ornaments”

Supplies:  cinnamon sticks, hot glue gun, and twine


1. Glue the ends of two sticks into a little “tepee like” shape.

2.  Glue the 3rd stick to create this “backwards 4” shape.

3.  Line up the 4th & 5th sticks to find the correct gluing positions.

4.  Glue the 5th stick to the remaining star ends.

5.  Cut a small piece of twine (I used this sisal twine for a rustic look).  You could try ribbon, or strips of scrap fabric too.

6.  Loop the twine around one of the star’s 5 points and it’s ready to hang on your tree!

I wanted to keep these ornaments plain and simple for my tree.  But, you could add all sorts of holiday embellishments:  glitter, holly berries, pine needles, ribbon and/or bows.


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